Roswell First Church of the Nazarene

Mission  Statement




Mission: Transforming Lives in The Presence of Jesus.



Core Values:

  1. We Value our identity with Christ and His transformational mission

    1. We recognize that we are only one expression of the Church in Roswell and are committed to being part of the Church, not apart from the Church in this community.


    2. We understand that Jesus calls us to reach out to the unsaved with His grace, love, and compassion.


    3. We understand that we are being called as individuals and as a church to being involved in our community to bring the love of Christ to bear everywhere.


  2. We Value our identity with the Church of the Nazarene—a transformational church

    1. We value our relationship with the Church of the Nazarene and are committed to her doctrines, her support, and her perpetuation.


    2. We believe in Holiness as an invitation to all Christians to experience the transformational possibilities of Grace.


    3. We are committed to the global mission of Christ and will seek to involve our people of all ages involved in a robust, vital mission program.


  3. We Value building lives of intimacy, passion, and devotion to Jesus—transformational relationships

    1. Here is the core function of the local church, leading people into a devoted personal relationship with Jesus.  Virtually everything that we do as a church must be designed to bring people closer to Jesus.


    2. Prayer is at the heart of this work, because prayer touches the heart of God.  We expect to be lead by prayer and by praying leaders.


    3. Worship must facilitate the presence of God for a passionate people with excellence and effectiveness.


    4. We must make space for people of all ages and backgrounds at different stages in this journey.


    5. We must facilitate the making of disciples who make disciples through small groups and one on one encounters.


    6. We must focus our lives in the Word of God, helping people to know, to understand, and to apply His Word to their lives.


    7. We must challenge people to a life of complete surrender to the will and work of God.


    8. We must provide opportunities and training needed to allow people to express their giftedness in ministry.


    9. We must help people to find their place within our community of faith and to feel accepted as part of this community.


  4. We Value loving our neighbors as people loved by Jesus—transformed vision.

    1. We must structure worship and discipling ministries to include people who are not like us and who are still discovering Christ.


    2. We must be a caring community, responding to specific needs as we have ability.


    3. We must engage our community in ways that demonstrate the love of God for them.


    4. We must lead people into a relationship with Christ with love, not condemnation.


  5. We Value being responsive with love—open to greater transformation.

    1. We must continually listen to God through prayer and reflection seeking to be obedient regardless of how He leads.  We will develop ministry in the crucible of prayer, desiring that all we do be in response to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.


    2. We must be willing to listen to one another with a loving and tender heart so that all voices are heard and regarded with dignity, even when we disagree.


    3. We must recognize that we cannot be all things to all people, but will seek to discern the specific ministries to which we are being called by God within the resources that He provides.


    4. We must continually recognize our call to the city of Roswell.  We are to carry our city in our hearts and seek ways to bring the presence and purpose of God to bear on our city.


      We believe that a healthy church is joyful, caring, friendly, compassionate, authentic, faith-filled, loving, community-minded, supportive, prayer-centered, selfless, humble, confident, Christ-centered, and given over to God in every aspect of our lives.  We want to be a church that is welcoming and receptive to all people—a place where unbelievers are loved, welcomed, and allowed to grow in a safe place for worship and spiritual growth.